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Volkswagen has now integrated ChatGPT for smarter driving

Volkswagen has unveiled a significant advancement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company has integrated ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, into its IDA voice assistant, marking a new era in automotive technology.

This innovation, a result of collaboration with technology partner Cerence Inc., introduces a seamless and intelligent ChatGPT integration via Cerence Chat Pro into current MEB and MQB evo models from Volkswagen Group brands that utilize the IDA voice assistant.

Set to make its debut in vehicles in the second quarter of 2024; this integration will offer customers access to an ever-expanding database of AI. ChatGPT is known for its intelligence and conversational abilities. Now, it will enable users to request and listen to researched content while driving, all without compromising personal data security.

Notably, the ChatGPT integration via Cerence Chat Pro will not have access to any vehicle-specific information, ensuring privacy and data protection for users. This new innovation will be available in various Volkswagen models, including the ID.7, ID.4, ID.5, ID.3, the recently unveiled Tiguan and Passat, and the new Golf.

The collaboration with Cerence Chat Pro

The innovation leverages Cerence Chat Pro and extends the capabilities of the IDA voice assistant, enabling users to control various aspects such as infotainment, navigation, air conditioning, and even seek answers to general knowledge questions.

Moreover, this integration serves as a foundation for the continuous evolution of AI capabilities, offering additional information and assistance intuitively and hands-free during journeys

The incorporation of ChatGPT within Volkswagen vehicles represents a significant step forward in enhancing the driving experience. It aims to enrich interactions, provide useful information, and foster a more seamless and informed journey for users, all while prioritizing safety and hands-free convenience.

The collaboration between Volkswagen and Cerence Inc. underscores the commitment to advancing automotive technology, creating a new standard for intelligent voice assistants within vehicles.

As Volkswagen leads the charge as the first volume manufacturer to offer ChatGPT as a standard feature, it marks an advancement in integrating sophisticated AI technology into everyday driving experiences.

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